Debate on LinkedIn about Smart City: our future or empty hype?

For me, “smart city” is not synonymous of technology. Technology is not always the smartest solution. A smart city is one in which the urban system is designed for all people can work and enjoy life in harmony with urban infrastructure and the natural environment. The smart city is a balanced combination between the natural and the artificial, which seeks a relationship of mutualism. The city has its own large potential to generate energy, food and raw material. Smart city is a urban ecosystem which acts as a closed loop, where everything that is generated, will fail. A smart city is implementing the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ in the urban habitat. In addition, the engine of change and progress towards a smart city are the people. It is through this fundamental actor, this recent Third Industrial Revolution, the city will be transformed increasingly smart. Rather than making large investments in technologies they have to be done in culture and education. What good is having the best technology smarts if the people are not prepared, used to use it? First, you work with the people, and we’ll see that change flow naturally.

Technology is the tool, but not the engine of change. That is the people.


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